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    Kodansha's Furigana Japanese-English DictionaryISBN: 978-4-7700-2750-4 //  ISBN: 9784770027504Year of publication: 2001Publisher: KodanshaNumber of pages: 568Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Kodansha's Furigana English-Japanese DictionaryISBN: 978-4-7700-2751-1 //  ISBN: 9784770027511Year of publication: 2007Publisher: KodanshaNumber of pages: 717Languages: English and JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Kodansha's Furigana DictionaryISBN: 978-4-7700-2480-0 //  ISBN: 9784770024800Year of publication: 1999Publisher: KodanshaNumber of pages: 1.285Languages: English and JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Kodansha Kanji Learner's DictionaryISBN: 978-4-7700-2855-6 //  ISBN: 9784770028556Year of publication: 2002Publisher: KodanshaNumber of pages: 1.008Languages: English and JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    A Dictionary of Basic Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-0454-1 //  ISBN: 9784789004541Year of publication: 1986 Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 634Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-0775-7 //  ISBN: 9784789007757Year of publication: 1986Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 760Languages: Japanese / EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-1295-9 //  ISBN: 9784789012959Year of publication: 2008Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 794Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Japanese Picture Dictionary ("Let's Learn"...Picture Dictionary Series)ISBN: 978-0-07-140827-4 //  ISBN: 9780071408274Year of publication: 2003Publisher: The Mcgraw HillNumber of pages: 80Languages: English, JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    The Learner`s Kanji Dictionary: Find any Compound Using any of its Component CharactersISBN: 978-0-8048-3556-5 //  ISBN: 9780804835565Year of publication: 2004Publisher: TuttleNumber of pages: 906Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    The Aots Nihongo Dictionary for Practical UseISBN: 978-4-9062-2495-1  //  ISBN: 9784906224951    Year of publication: 2008Publisher: 3A CorporationNumber of pages: 754Languages: Japanese, EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Essential Japanese Expressions Grammatical Points Dictionary (N1-N5)ISBN: 978-447574-1886-8 //  ISBN: 9784757418868 Year of publication: 2013Publisher: ALCNumber of pages: 531Languages: Japanese, EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Tuttle Japanese Business Dictionary Revised EditionISBN:  9784805309131Year of publication: 2008Publisher: TuttleNumber of pages: 192Languages: English, JapaneseCountry of origin: US

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