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    Basic Japanese. A Grammar and WorkbookISBN: 978-0-415-49856-2 //  ISBN: 9780415498562Year of publication: 2011Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 287Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    Using Japanese. A Guide to Contemporary UsageISBN: 978-05-21646-147 //  ISBN: 9780521646147Year of publication: 2000Publisher: Cambridge University PressNumber of pages: 350Language: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    A Dictionary of Basic Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-0454-1 //  ISBN: 9784789004541Year of publication: 1986 Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 634Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-0775-7 //  ISBN: 9784789007757Year of publication: 1986Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 760Languages: Japanese / EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese GrammarISBN: 978-4-7890-1295-9 //  ISBN: 9784789012959Year of publication: 2008Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 794Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo Tango Drills (Verbos)ISBN: 978-4-87217-689-6 //  ISBN: 9784872176896Year of publication: 2008Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 127Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo Tango Drills, Kanyoku & 4 Ji Jukugo (Sayings and set phrases)ISBN: 978-4-87217-673-5 //  ISBN: 9784872176735Year of publication: 2008Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 111Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo Tango Drills, Giongo & Gitaigo (Onomatopoeias and words for imitation)ISBN:978-4-87217-6664-3 //  ISBN: 9784872176643Year of publication: 200 (last reprint)Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 107Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo So-Matome (Grammar N2)ISBN: 978-4-87217-729-9 //  ISBN:  9784872177299Year of publication: 2010Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 146Languages: Japanese, EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo So-Matome (Grammar N1)ISBN: 978-4-87217-726-8  //  ISBN: 9784872177268Year of publication: 2010Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 146Languages: Japanese, English Country of origin: Japan
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    Intermediate Japanese. A Grammar and WorkbookISBN: 978-0-415-49859-3 //  ISBN: 9780415498593Year of publication: 2012Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 284Languages: English, JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Nihongo Challenge N4- Grammar and reading (Preparation for JLPT with translations in English and Portuguese)ISBN: 9784872177565Year of publication: 2010Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 240Languages: Japanese, English and PortugueseCountry of origin: Japan

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