Japanese culture 

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    Not Mines, But FlowersISBN: 978-44-26877-00-2 //  ISBN: 9784426877002Year of publication: 1996 Publisher: JikuukomuminshaNumber of pages: 40Languages: Japanese, EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    The Little Book of JapanISBN: 978-48-05312-13-1 //  ISBN: 9784805312131Year of publication: 2013Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 192Languages: English  Country of origin: USA
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    Japanese Food- The Original Point and Speak PhrasebookISBN: 978-479-583-873-4  //  ISBN: 9784795838734 Year of publication: 2009Publisher: Joho Center PublishingNumber of pages: 128Languages: Japanese and EnglishCountry of origin: Japan
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    Japanese Karuta Game Ogura Hyakunin IssyISBN:  978-45-22485-03-3 //  ISBN: 9784522485033Year of publication: 2006Publisher: NagaokashotenLanguages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan 
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    Modern Japan: A Social and Political History, 3rd Edition (Paperback)ISBN: 978-11-38780-859 //  ISBN: 9781138780859Year of publication: 2016Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 308Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    The Japanese Mind - Understanding Contemporary Japanese CultureISBN: 978-08-04832-95-3 //  ISBN: 9780804832953Year of publication: 2002Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 270Languages: English  Country of origin: USA
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    Japanese for Healthcare Professionals (An Introduction to Medical Japanese)- Includes audio CDISBN: 9784805311097Year of publication: 2011Publisher: TuttleNumber of pages: 544Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Estados US
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    Hanaso Kangaeyo Shokyu Nihon Jijo (Thinking and Talking about Japan for beginners: New Edition)ISBN: 978-48-83194-87-2  //  ISBN:  9784883194872Year of publication: Publisher: 3A CorporationNumber of pages: 72Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Sound, Space and Sociality in Modern JapanISBN: 97-811-38652-132-4 //  ISBN: 9781138652132Year of publication: 2014Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 160Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    Japanese history for international students (An introductory text)ISBN:  978-46-34070-103//  ISBN: 9784634070103Year of publication: 1990Publisher: YamakawaNumber of pages: 171Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan 
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    Japanese Economic Development - Theory and practice, 3rd EditionISBN: 978-04-15739-34-4 //  ISBN: 9780415739344Year of publication: 2015Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 304Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK 
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    Encyclopedia of Contemporary Japanese CultureISBN: 978-04-15481-52-6 //  ISBN: 9780415481526Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 634Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    The original POINT-AND-SPEAK phrasebook: Kyoto ISBN: 978-4-7958-3083-7 //  ISBN: 9784795830837Year of publication: 2005 Publisher: Joho Center PublishingNumber of pages: 128Languages: English, JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Japanese History for international students (An introductory text) workbookISBN: 978-46-34070-20-2  //  ISBN: 9784634070202Year of publication: 1990Publisher: YamakawaNumber of pages: 116Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    The Allied Occupation and Japan's Economic MiracleISBN: 978-11-38966-49-9  //  ISBN:  9781138966499Year of publication: 1998Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 388Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    Write Your Own Haiku for KidsISBN: 978-0-8048-4929-6 //  ISBN: 9780804849296Year of publication: 2018Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 48Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: United States
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    A Dictionary of Japanese Food- Ingredients & CultureISBN: 978-48-05313-35-0 ISBN: //  ISBN:  9784805313350Year of publication: 2015Publisher: TuttleNumber of pages: 224Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: US
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    Examining Japan's Lost DecadesISBN: 978-11-38885-75-2 //  ISBN: 9781138885752Year of publication: 2015Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 338Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: UK
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    Living Japanese Through Comics (Life in Japan)ISBN: 978-4-87217-404-5 //  ISBN: 9784872174045Year of publication: 2003Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 127Languages: English and JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Tokyo Pop-Up BookISBN: 978-4-8053-1434-0 //  ISBN: 9784805314340Year of publication: 2018Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 14Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: United States
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    Tea- An introduction with DVD  (Book+ DVD in Japanese)ISBN: 9784816344251Year of publication: 2010Publisher: NatsumeNumber of pages: 127 Languages: JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    The Japan Culture Book (Bilingual edition Japanese-English)ISBN:  978-47-89015-80-6//  ISBN: 9784789015806Year of publication: 2015Publisher: The Japan TimesNumber of pages: 307Languages: Japanese, English Country of origin: Japan
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    Living Japanese Through Comics (Culture Japan)ISBN: 978-4-87217-403-8 //  ISBN: 9784872174038Year of publication: 2003Publisher: ASKNumber of pages: 127Languages: English and JapaneseCountry of origin: Japan
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    Measure and construction of the Japanese houseISBN: 978-0-8048-1492-8 //  ISBN: 9780804814928Year of publication: 1985 (last reprinting is served)Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 152Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: United States

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