Ohisama - First Steps (Japanese Textbook for Multilingual Children) - For age 4 and above

EAN: 9784874247570

ISBN978-4-87424-757-0 //  ISBN: 9784874247570
Year of publication: 2018
Publisher: Kurosio
Number of pages: 182
Sprache: Japanisch
Herkunftsland: Japan

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See this link for a sample chapter of Ohisama -First Steps

Ohisama - First Steps is a learning method for Japanese aimed at children aged 4 and above. 

Ohisama - First Steps is completely in Japanese and is ideal for parents and teachers of Japanese as well as for mixed couples, and of course for schools and libraries. It is also suitable for children in general (with the help of a Japanese teacher.)

The topics and the activities in the book have been designed to get the children's attention and encourage their curiosity. 

The book contains interesting topics such as animals, the planets of the solar system or even dinosaurs.

Main features

- Colour print

- Many illustrations and photos.

Content in Japanese: 


1 ぼく・わたし
だい1ぽ ぼく・わたし
だい2ほ かぞく

2 いろいろなくに
だい3ぽ せかいのくに
だい4ほ にほん

3 たべもの
だい5ほ ごはん・おやつ
だい6ぽ やさい・くだもの
だい7ほ おこのみやき

4 おいわいごと
だい8ぽ たんじょうび
だい9ほ おしょうがつ
だい10ぽ いろいろなぎょうじ

5 いきもの
だい11ぽ どうぶつ
だい12ほ きょうりゅう
だい13ぽ はな・き

6 せいかつ
だい14ほ せいかつ
だい15ほ ふく
だい16ぽ きせつ・てんき

7 ことば
だい17ほ ことばあそび
だい18ぽ むかしばなし
だい19ほ せかいのおはなし

8 すきなこと
だい20ぽ スポーツ
だい21ぽ おんがく

9 おでかけ
だい22ほ おでかけ
だい23ぽ まち

10 みらい
だい24ほ かんきょう
だい25ほ うちゅう
だい26ぽ みらいのぼく・わたし


For more information, please see the Ohisama Facebook page.

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