Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento - Size M - Model 50448-4 (Norio) - Black

EAN: 4964026504484

Code: 4964026504484
Manufacturer: Hakoya 
Measurements: 9 × 8,5 × 6 cm
Material: plastic
Country of origin: Japan

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This practical and lovely bento belongs to the Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento from the Japanese brand Hakoya. It consists of a lunchbox specifically made to carry the rice balls known as onigiri, but obviously it can be used to put any other snack: fruit, cheese, sausages, dried fruits, etc. It is a box with a small size but with a lot of uses.

The tupper is shaped as a triangle and it consists of two compartments. The lower compartment has its own cover and can contain food with liquids, like a sauce.

The total capacity of this bento is 250 ml:

-Upper compartment: 150 ml.

-Lower compartment: 100 ml.

The lower compartment from all bentos of the Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento can be introduced into the microwave without the cover.

These bentos are hand painted one by one, each of them is unique. Thus, if there is any irregularity, it is a result of the handcraft work. This specific model is calledNoriois medium size and represents a grumpy kid with his eyebrows puckered. There are other models with other sizes.

Colección Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento:

Medium Size:

-Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento - M size - Model 50450-7 (Tama) – Yellow color 
-Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento - M size - Model 50449-1 (Kome) – Pink color 
-Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento - M size - Model 50448-4 (Norio) – Black color

Small Size:

-Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento – S size - Model 50446-0 (Kome) – Pink color 
-Hakoya Family Onigiri Bento - S size - Model 50447-7 (Tama) – Yellow 

Hakoya, the bento culture

Hakoya is a Japanese company well known by its good and nice designs. The whole process is handcrafted, summarizing its philosophy with the motto: “express love through bento”.

In Japan, it is very common that the students and workers bring their own meal to school or work. Bento is part of the daily history of Japan.

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