Quick Mastery of Vocabulary- In preparation for the JLPT 3 - Includes 2 audio CDs

EAN: 9784863920477

ISBN: 978-4-86392-047-7 //  ISBN: 9784863920477
Year of publication: 2011
Publisher: Jreasearch
Number of pages: 319
Languages: Japanese and English
Country of origin: Japan

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Quick mastery of vocabulary is a vocabulary book that includes all words from intermediate level of Japanese. These words also belong to level 3 of JLPT official test. After using this book, students will be familiar with 2400 terms from different areas and topics.

The book is divided in 54 units focused in areas: food, family, shapes, colors, verb, adjectives etc. All terms are written in kanji ad hiragana and their translation to English, Korean and Chinese. Quick mastery of vocabulary has been printed using 2 different types of ink: black and red, it includes a red sheet of paper that hides the red ink and consequently, the meaning of each word. Therefore, by using this methodology, students will be able to check if they have learnt all words and meanings. In addition, many of the words include synonyms and antonyms.

The most important words are written in sentences that contextualize them. Some of them include explanations about their meaning or pointing out if they are formal or informal expressions. In addition, the book includes 2 CDs with all examples read out loud, which is very helpful to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation.

At the end of the book, there are some exercises of verbs and also an index with all words ordered. This second part of the book is divided in 20 extra units.

Description by the publisher

This book is designed for beginners-intermediate learners and students who are planning to take JLPT N3, enabling them to efficiently master 2,400 essential words.

Example sentences are included for vocabulary which has more than one meaning or which has a meaning that's hard to grasp.

Also, the included CDs allow you to study vocabulary wherever and whenever. In addition, it comes with a red plastic filter which lets you hide the answers and test yourself easily.




“Quick mastery of vocabulary” Series

Each level covers the basic vocabulary focusing on words that are expected to be on the exam. Words and phrases are divided according to categories and themes, allowing users to learn related items efficiently. Example sentences are recorded in two CDs. Includes red sheets.


PART1 テーマ別で覚えよう、基本の言葉

UNIT 1 時間・時
UNIT 2 家族
UNIT 3 人
UNIT 4 人と人……
UNIT 5 名前・住所
UNIT 6 食べ物・料理
UNIT 7 家具・家電・家庭用品
UNIT 8 毎日の生活
UNIT 9 交通・移動
UNIT 10 建物・施設・部屋
UNIT 11 読む・書く・聞く・話す
UNIT 12 天気・天候
UNIT 13 お金
UNIT 14 服・くつ
UNIT 15 色・形
UNIT 16 数量・程度
UNIT 17 趣味・娯楽・スポーツ
UNIT 18 生活・環境・土地
UNIT 19 体
UNIT 20 健康・医療
UNIT 21 地球・自然
UNIT 22 事務用品
UNIT 23 仕事・作業
UNIT 24 技術・産業
UNIT 25 原料・材料
UNIT 26 道具・器具・機械
UNIT 27 動物・植物・人間
UNIT 28 学校・教育
UNIT 29 大学・研究
UNIT 30 対象・範囲
UNIT 31 社会・国・ルール
UNIT 32 職業・身分
UNIT 33 グループ・組織
UNIT 34 立場・役割
UNIT 35 行事・イベント
UNIT 36 手続き
UNIT 37 場所・位置・方向
UNIT 38 商品・サービス
UNIT 39 知識・能力
UNIT 40 評価・成績
UNIT 41 経済・ビジネス
UNIT 42 文学・音楽・芸術
UNIT 43 精神・宗教
UNIT 44 気持ち・心の状態(1)
UNIT 45 気持ち・心の状態(2)
UNIT 46 方法・形式・スタイル
UNIT 47 本
UNIT 48 言葉
UNIT 49 性質・態度
UNIT 50 単位・数え方
UNIT 51 物の状態
UNIT 52 パソコン・ネット
UNIT 53 問題・トラブル・事故
UNIT 54 事件・犯罪

PART2 コツコツ覚えよう、基本の言葉
UNIT 1 こそあ
UNIT 2 「何」を含む表現
UNIT 3 否定表現
UNIT 4 前に付く語
UNIT 5 後ろに付く語
UNIT 6 基本動詞のいろいろな意味
UNIT 7 “動詞+動詞”の形
UNIT 8 言葉のいろいろな形
UNIT 9 ぎおん語・ぎたい語
UNIT 10 カタカナ語
UNIT 11 敬語
UNIT 12 会話で使う一言
UNIT 13 決まった言い方
UNIT 14 短い句
UNIT 15 動詞(1)
UNIT 16 動詞(2)
UNIT 17 名詞
UNIT 18 形容詞
UNIT 19 副詞
UNIT 20 接続詞


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