Chu - Joukyu no tame no sokudoku no Nihongo - Rapid Reading Japanese

EAN: 9784789015189

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1518-9 // ISBN: 9784789015189
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: The Japan Times
Number of pages: 170 (Main book) + 20 (answer key)
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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Chu - Joukyu no tame no sokudoku no Nihongo is a book for intermediate or advanced level students (JLPT 2 OR 1) who are seeking to practice reading comprehension in Japanese. The book is divided in 3 sections: 

- Basic Techniques: in this section, students will learn to make "extensive reading" fo the texts with the goal of knowing the general idea of the text. This methodology is used in simple texts in this same section. 

- Basic exercises: in which students will practice the skills obtained in the previous sections. 

- Real texts: Students must use their reading skills in complex reading texts like short stories or articles from newspapers among many others. 

The reading comprehension questions include true or false questions, give a tittle or choose the sentence that best summarizes the text. 

Since this material is mainly targeted to intermediate or high level students, only the most advanced kanjis contain furigana. The book also includes a serie of advises when students are about to start reading a text: Identify key words, double check the tense of each sentence, check the connectors and the style of the sentence etc. 

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第I部 基本技術編(66問)
A. スキャニングの技術を使う
B. スキミングの技術を使う
C. スキャニングとスキミングの技術を同時に使う

第II部 実践編(35問)
1. 必要な情報を取り出す
2. 正誤問題
3. 選択問題
4. タイトル・トピック・主題・内容を考える
5. 次に続く内容を予測する
6. 見出しを読む
7. 身の上相談の記事を読む
8. 記事を読んでディスカッションする

第III部 挑戦編(4問)
1. ショートショート「誘拐」
2. ショートショート「ボッコちゃん」
3. ショートショート「愛用の時計」
4. ショートショート「不眠症」

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