All about Japan: A Bilingual Handbook for Visitors - East Japan - Includes audio download

EAN: 9784789017411

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1741-1 // ISBN: 9784789017411
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: The Japan Times
Number of pages: 311
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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All about Japan: A Bilingual Handbook for Visitors - East Japan is a complete bilingual guide with the most important cities and places located in the east part of Japan. There are detailed explanations from different places of Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone or Mount Fuji among others. At the end of each chapter. there is a Q&A section with curious questions such as: Could Tokyo Skytree resist an earthquake? What kind of dog was Hachiko? Was Tokyo the place were sushi was created? etc

In the pages on the left there are texts written in English and on the ones on the right, the same text written in Japanese. This bilingual reading can be very useful for those who have interest in Japan and also for high intermediate students (N3 or N2) who wish to practice reading comprehension without furigana and at the same time, learn new aspects of Japanese culture. 

Description by the publisher

A bilingual book to explain overview, histories, keywords and top spots about each area in a way that appeals to both Japanese who want to be interpreter-guides and visitors. 

The author is Yoshie Matsumoto who has worked as an interpreter-guide for more than 30 years and guided tens of thousands of visitors.

Accompanying the text is an audio book version of each chapter, available to download by use of a QR code included within the book.


Chapter 1 東京  Tokyo
                 皇居・江戸城跡  Imperial Palace・Edo Castle
                 東京駅  Tokyo Station
                 丸の内  Marunouchi
                 日本橋  Nihonbashi
                 銀座  Ginza
                 新宿  Shinjuku
                 明治神宮  Meiji-jingu Shrine
                 表参道  Omotesando
                 原宿  Harajuku
                 渋谷  Shibuya
                 六本木  Roppongi
                 国会議事堂  The National Diet Building
                 東京タワー  Tokyo Tower
             東京スカイツリー  Tokyo Skytree
  東京港・隅田川・お台場  Tokyo Port・Sumida River・Odaiba
  築地場外市場と豊洲市場    Tsukiji Outer Market and Toyosu Market
秋葉原  Akihabara
上野恩賜公園・谷中・根津・千駄木    Ueno Park and Yanaka・Nezu・Sendagi
  浅草寺  Senso-ji Temple
Chapter 2 鎌倉  Kamakura
                 鶴岡八幡宮  Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine
                 長谷寺  Hase-dera Temple
                 高徳院大仏  The Great Buddha of Kotoku-in Temple

Chapter 3 日光  Nikko
  東照宮  Toshogu Shrine
  二荒山神社と輪王寺  Futarasan Shrine and Rinno-ji Temple
  中禅寺湖  Lake Chuzenji

Chapter 4 箱根  Hakone
  芦ノ湖  Lake Ashi
  大涌谷  Owakudani
  彫刻の森美術館  The Hakone Open-Air Museum

Chapter 5 富士山  Mt. Fuji

Chapter 6 金沢  Kanazawa
                 兼六園  Kenroku-en
                 金沢城  Kanazawa Castle
                 長町武家屋敷  Nagamachi Samurai Houses 
                 ひがし茶屋街  Higashi Chaya-gai
                 金沢21世紀美術館  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
                 妙立寺(忍者寺) Myoryu-ji (Ninja-dera) Temple
                 鈴木大拙館  D.T. Suzuki Museum

Chapter 7 高山  Takayama
                 古い町並み  Old Town
                 宮川の朝市、陣屋前朝市 Morning Market at Miyagawa and Jinya     
                 高山祭屋台会館  Takayama Matsuri Yatai Kaikan
                 高山陣屋  Takayama Jinya
                 白川郷  Shirakawa-go

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