All about Japan: A Bilingual Handbook for Visitors - West Japan - Includes audio download

EAN: 9784789017428

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1742-8 // ISBN: 9784789017428
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: The Japan Times
Number of pages: 319
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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All about Japan: A Bilingual Handbook for Visitors - West Japan is a complete bilingual guide with the most important cities and places located in the west part of Japan. There are detailed explanations from different places of  Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima or Okinawa among others. At the end of each chapter, there is a Q&A section with curious questions such as: Why are there so many deer in Nara? Why the basketball team from Hiroshima is famous? Which are the most important dishes from Okinawa's food? etc

In the pages on the left there are texts written in English and on the ones on the right, the same text written in Japanese. This bilingual reading can be very useful for those who have interest in Japan and also for high intermediate students (N3 or N2) who wish to practice reading comprehension without furigana and at the same time, learn new aspects of Japanese culture. 

Description by the publishers

A bilingual book to explain overview, histories, keywords and top spots about each area in a way that appeals to both Japanese who want to be interpreter-guides and visitors.

The author is Yoshie Matsumoto who has worked as an interpreter-guide for more than 30 years and guided tens of thounsands of visitors.

Accomapanying the text is an audiobook version of each chapter, avialable to download by use of a QR code included within the book.


Chapter 1 京都  Kyoto
               京都駅  Kyoto Station
               清水寺  Kiyomizu-dera Temple
               金閣(鹿苑寺金閣)Kinkaku (The Golden Pavilion)
               銀閣(慈照寺銀閣)Ginkaku (The Silver Pavilion)
               二条城  Nijo Castle
               天龍寺と嵯峨野  Tenryu-ji Temple and Sagano
               龍安寺  Ryoan-ji Temple
               伏見稲荷大社  Fushimi Inari Shrine
               祇園  Gion
Chapter 2 奈良  Nara
               東大寺  Todai-ji Temple
               春日大社  Kasuga Taisha Shrine 
               法隆寺  Horyu-ji Temple

Chapter 3 大阪  Osaka
キタとミナミ  Kita and Minami
                      Umeda Sky Building and Floating Garden Observatory
大坂城  Osaka Castle  

Chapter 4 広島  Hiroshima
平和記念公園  Peace Memorial Park 
宮島  Miyajima 
彫刻の森美術館  The Hakone Open-Air Museum

Chapter 5 倉敷  Kurashiki
               大原美術館  Ohara Museum of Art

Chapter 6 高松  Takamatsu
               栗林公園  Ritsurin Garden
               高松盆栽の郷  Takamatsu Bonsai Villag
               イサム・ノグチ庭園美術館  Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum 
Chapter 7 瀬戸内海のアートの島々
                        Art Islands of the Seto Inland Sea
               直島  Naoshima
               豊島  Teshima
               犬島  Inujima

Chapter 8 長崎  Nagasaki
               グラバー園  Glover Garden
               平和公園  Peace Park
               大浦天主堂  Oura Church
               浦上教会(浦上天主堂)Urakami Cathedral
               出島和蘭商館跡  Dejima
Chapter 9 沖縄  Okinawa
               首里城  Shuri Castle
               斎場御嶽  Sefa Utaki
               沖縄美ら海水族館  Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

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