The Great Japanese- Intermediate Reading (Free audio download)

EAN: 9784874247983

ISBN: 978-4-87424-798-3 // ISBN: 9784874247983
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: Kurosio
Number of pages: 175 (Main book) + 40 (Answer key and vocabulary list)
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese
Country of origin: Japan

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Through short biographies of thirty famous Japanese people belonging to different fields (history, art, literature, comics, politicians, sports, business), the student will learn about the history of Japan, while reading some very interesting texts. The aim of this book is to reach reading comprehension level 3 of JLPT. This is why grammar explanations and vocabulary for this level are included. 

Apart from the texts, the book includes different questions for reading comprehension that the student can answer and check after, since the answers are included in the book. This book includes long texts, which is really useful to get used to read in Japanese. In addition, elementary and basic kanji do not include furigana because students should already know them in case they are using this material. The most difficult words are translated at the end of each text. 

This book for intermediate reading has an appendix including the vocabulary translated into English. 

Description by the publisher

Learn about the lives of 30 famous Japanese and the social and cultural backgrounds they come from. Our popular reading comprehension textbook, "The Great Japanese: 30 Stories" is now available for pre-intermediate and intermediate learners too!

Reading these stories will give you insights into the people and yourself. Along the way, sneak in some vocabulary and grammar for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N3 and strengthen your reading comprehension skills.

Translations available (for vocabulary, grammar, and expressions lists): English, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese


1 広岡浅子「新しい時代の女性」
2 松下幸之助「理想の経営者」
3 伊藤若冲「好きなことを仕事に」
4 藤田嗣治「フランス人になった日本人」
5 武満徹「伝統的な楽器・新しい音楽」
6 安藤忠雄「独学の建築家」
7 与謝野晶子「女性の気持ちを歌う」
8 宮沢賢治「ユートピアを目指して」
9 又吉直樹「隠れた才能とチャレンジ」
10 円谷英二「特撮の神様」
11 黒柳徹子「学習障害(LD)の子供と学校」
12 三宅一生「創造と戦争」
13 坂東玉三郎(五代目)「女性を演じる」
14 村田吉弘「伝統と日本料理の将来」
15 羽生善治「AIと将棋とこれからの私達」
16 くまモン「くまモンだもん!」
17 井村雅代/小出義雄「強い選手の作り方」
18 野村忠宏「3つの金メダル」
19 国枝慎吾「車いすテニスで優勝」
20 福原愛「プレッシャーに負けない泣き虫の努力」
21 吉田茂「ワンマン政治家」
22 小泉純一郎「政治家の家」
23 楠本イネ「オランダおいね」
24 野口英世「ガーナで有名な日本人」
25 ドナルド・キーン「日本人になったアメリカ人」
26 田中耕一「失敗は成功のもと」
27 空海「中国に学ぶ」
28 源義経「日本のヒーロー」
29 徳川家康「我慢の武士」
30 坂本龍馬「日本を洗濯しようとした男」

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