Yasashii Nihongo 3 - Simple and Easy Japanese Elementary Level 3 - Incluye CD

EAN: 9784863924543

ISBN: 978-4-86392-454-3 // ISBN: 9784863924543
Year of publication: 2019
Publisher: Jreasearch
Number of pages: 175 (Main book) + 17 (Answer Key)
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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Third volume of Yasashii Nihongo, a method targeted to those who wish to learn Japanese from the very beginning. Beginners level of this method has 4 different volumes in which there are explanations about gramar and vocabulary of levels 4 and 5 of JLPT official test. 

This third volume is focused in grammar such as transitive and intransitive verbs or adjectives conjugation. The book is divided in 11 lessons and appendix with explanations and vocabulary tables. 

All texts are written in Japanese but they also include the romanized version of them. This volume includes some basic kanjis but they all include furigana. 

The book includes a CD with all audios and conversations which can be also downloaded through the publishers website or by using the link located on top of this file. The answer key is attached at the end of the book and also the transcription of all dialogues. 

Volumes 3 and 4 of Yasashii Nihongo include all contents from level 4 of JLPT official test, which belong to level A.2 of the European framework. 

Yasashii Nihongo is a great material for students who wish to start learning Japanese from the very beginning or with a previous base. It is also a great material for self learners. 

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序章 「初級2」の復習

UNIT1 動詞の可能形
UNIT2 普通体(名詞文・形容詞文・動詞文)
UNIT3 ~ながら/~し~し
UNIT4 Vて、~/Vナイくて、~/Aくなります
UNIT5 ~ので/見えます・聞こえます
UNIT6 ~てしまいます/~てあります/~ておきます/命令・禁止
UNIT7 ~んです
UNIT8 ~た/ないほうがいいです/やります
UNIT9 ~と[条件]/Vテも、Aくても、Na/Nでも/[ふ過去]ら
UNIT10 ~ようです・~そうです[様態]/~で[材料]/~から[原料]
UNIT11 ~と言います・~と思っています[間接話法]/~て/ないで[付帯状況]
UNIT12 差し上げます/いただきます/くださいます/~と申します
UNIT13 ~てもらいます/~てくれます/~ていただきます/~てあげます/~てやります

[さくいん] さくいん(ローマ字・ひらがな)
[別冊] 練習問題の答え・聴き取り練習のスクリプトなど

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