Practical Japanese 3 - JLPT N3, N4 Grammar and Useful Expressions

EAN: 9784794606167

ISBN: 978-4-7946-0616-7 // ISBN: 9784794606167
Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: IBC
Number of pages: 114
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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Practical Japanese 3 - JLPT N3, N4 Grammar and Useful Expressions is the third and last volume of this serie to improve communicative skills of the students of Japanese. The main point of these series is that students are able to maintain simple conversations in Japan in restaurants, stores, metro stations etc. 

The book is divided in 3 different chapters with 20 lessons with explanations with which students will be able to improve speaking. Each unit contains a series of pictures and tables that help memorizing the different words and expressions. Since the main goal of the book is to improve communication, all texts are written in Japanese but also with the romanized version. 

In this third volume, there are some forms such as the passive or the imperative form that students must master if they want to take the level 4 of JLPT official test. This book covers 70% of the contents belonging this exam. 

Practical Japanese 3 - JLPT N3, N4 Grammar and Useful Expressions also includes appendix with tables of verbs and adjectives conjugations in Japanese and also tables with expressions such as: maybe, perhaps, it is possible that... etc. 

Description by the publisher

シリーズ3冊を勉強することで、JLPT(日本語能力試験)のN4からN3レベルの文法基礎(形容詞と動詞の活用、接続詞)をほぼすべて習得できるので、試験対策にも使えます。 さらに本書では、友達と話す時のくだけた表現から、会社や近所の人と話す時の丁寧な表現、ホテルやレストラン等で耳にする敬語まで、より日常の会話で使える表現を取り入れています。日本人との会話が自由にできるようになりたい方、楽しく日本語を学びながら一歩上を目指す方に最適です。

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