Genki - An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Vol.2- Textbook - 3rd Edition - Incl. audio download

EAN: 9784789017329

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1732-9 // ISBN: 9784789017329
Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: The Japan Times
Number of pages: 390
Language: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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Third revised edition of Genki: an integrated course in elementary Japanese 初級日本語げんき[3] II. This is the second textbook of this series that includes 11 lessons in which students will learn the basics aspects that complete the elementary level of Japanese language. Each lesson is focused in a specific topic in which students will practice vocabulary and grammar. One of the main features of this method is that it keeps a balance between all skills. For this reason, students must practice speaking and listening comprehension while they build a grammar base.

In this second volume students will learn potential, passive or causative forms, essentials to complete beginner’s level of Japanese language. In addition, this book includes patterns such us かもしれません or ないでamong many others.

Beginner’s level of this method is composed by 2 volumes with 23 lessons. Once students have completed this level, they will be able to express themselves in Japanese, understand texts and they will master 300 kanjis and 1100 vocabulary words. In addition, they will be ready for levels 4 and 5 of JLPT exam.

This textbook can be complemented with a workbook

For the third edition there are some major changes:

- Dialogues and vocabulary reflect now even better nowadays society.
- Grammar explanations are now easier to follow.
- Exercises are now better connected with grammar.
- Some exercises require simple research from students, so they have to use what they have been learning.
- CD has been suppressed and all materials can be downloaded through an app for smartphones. Instructions of how to download the app can be found inside the book.


Conversation and Grammar
Lesson 13
アルバイト探しLooking for a Part-time Job
Lesson 14
バレンタインデー (Valentime’s Day)
Lesson 15
長野旅行 (A Trip to Nagano)
Lesson 16
忘れ物 (Lost and Found)
Lesson 17
ぐちとうわさ話 (Grumble and Gossip)
Lesson 18
ジョンさんのアルバイト (John’s Part-time Job)
Lesson 19
出迎え (Meeting the Boss)
Lesson 20
メアリーさんの買い物 (Mary Goes Shopping)
Lesson 21
どろぼう (Burglar)
Lesson 22
日本の教育 (Education in Japan)
Lesson 23
別れ (Good-bye)

Reading and Writing
Lesson 13
日本のおもしろい経験Interesting Experiences in Japan
Lesson 14
悩みの相談 (Personal Advice Column)
Lesson 15
私が好きな所 (My Favorite Place)
Lesson 16
まんが「ドラえもん」(The Manga Doraemon)
Lesson 17
オノ・ヨーコ (Yoko Ono)
Lesson 18
大学生活 (College Life)
Lesson 19
手紙とルール (Letters and E-mails)
Lesson 20
猫の皿 (A Cat’s Plate)
Lesson 21
厄年 (Unlucky Ages)
Lesson 22
桜さんの日記 (Sakura’s Diary)
Lesson 23
顔文字と絵文字 (Emoticons and Emoji)

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