Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese Textbook- Learning Through Content and Multimedia

EAN: 9784874244470

ISBN: 978-4-87424-447-0  //  ISBN: 9784874244470
Year of publication: 2009
Publisher: Kurosio
Number of pages: 403
Languages: Japanese, English
Country of origin: Japan

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Tobira Gateway to Advance Japanese
 is a book for intermediate level students (JLPT 3). The book is mainly targeted for those who have completed the beginners level and they are seeking consolidate the intermediate level and by doing so, get ready for approach the high level of Japanese language (JLPT 2 and 1). For this reason, this book is focused in the practice of grammar, reading comprehension, listening, writing and intermediate level vocabulary, so it is presumed students have completed the beginners level and they already have a strong grammar base. 

The book is divided in 15 units, each focused in a certain topic. The structure of each unit is different but they all have the following contents: 

- An introduction with a series of contents, so students start getting familiar with readings and texts of each unit. For example, unit 1 is focused in Japan and its different zones, so this introduction contains vocabulary about geography. 
- An extensive reading. All complex vocabulary is written in hiragana, kanji and English. 
- The next section is focused in conversation. There is a dialogue between 2 people whose linguistic register changes if we compare it with the previous reading. Again, the most complex vocabulary is translated. After reading this dialogue, there are a series of questions of reading comprehension. 
- After, there are explanations about grammar. They are all written in English and they all contain many examples in Japanese. 
- At the end of each unit, there is a section named "language notes" which is focused in curious information about Japanese language. 

This book can be complemented with lots of online resources such as videos, vocabulary lists or kanji lists. These contents are available by entering in the website that is written in all book or through the link on top of this file. 

Since this book is mainly targeted to intermediate level students, all elementary level kanji do not contain furigana Tobira is a book series whose main goal is to teach Japanese and at the same time show new aspects about Japan and its culture, so units have a wide variety of topics: technology, sports, food or popular culture. 

Description by the publishers

The "Tobira" textbook combines the practice of all four language skills (reading, listening, writing, speaking) and is designed for use by students who have completed a beginning Japanese textbook or, in terms of classroom time, somewhere from 250 to 300 hours of Japanese study.

The primary goals with this textbook are, to solidify the grammar, vocabulary and kanji foundation studied during the beginner level and to develop all 4 language skills. What makes this book unique is that you can learn Japanese using multimedia besides the textbook.

For this, Tobira counts in the attempt to make learning a bit more fun, on the most common medium with the highest potential, the Internet. Included in this book is a link with which you gain access to the multimedia kit on Tobira’s official website. The menu holds various materials for audio learning, video learning, Kanji, grammar and writing practice. With this Language Partner Online, you can follow scenarios of everyday conversations, repeat single section or completely take over one part and interact with the other person. You can also record your performance and compare it with the original.

The book holds 15 chapters, covering up everything from reading, vocabulary list, dialogues, conversation practice, grammar notes, kanji list to culture notes. The chapter matches with the ones who are provided on the website. Reading, dialogs, conversations and vocabularies from the book are all available as audio material as well. After you worked through and internalized this workbook carefully, your skills will have improved noticeably. You will have mastered the intermediate level and be ready for moving on to the advanced level. English translation is provided to the grammar notes and vocabulary lists. This book has been used for Japanese classes at many Universities.

Let's try this new learning style of the textbook yourself !


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